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Studio Arte-Povera

Arte Povera

was a Studio in Gefle, Sweden. Now it is in Furuvik and the new name is -text:studio-

My name is Lars Höjerdahl and I am the owner of this studio. Fine art photography, Paintings, Soundart and artVideo vill be created there by me, under a high and freely roof.


In Seeings

I remember this woman who sat for years In a wheelchair, looking straight ahead

Out the window at sycamore trees unleafing And leafing at the far end of the lane.

Straight out past the TV in the comer,
The stunted, agitated hawthorn bush,
The same small calves with their backs to wind and rain, The same acre of ragwort, the same mountain.

Face to face with her was an education
 Of the sort you got across a well-braced gate-
One of those lean, clean, iron, roadside ones
Between two whitewashed pillars, where you could see

Deeper into the country than you expected
. And discovered that the field behind the hedge Grew more distinctly strange as you kept standing Focused and drawn in by what barred the way.

Seamus Heaney

From the Video: Tango Fougueux [Les Yeux de Inger]

Fire in the Hole

From the Video: Fire in the Hole

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